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Unfortunately, in today's society, many people lack mental toughness.  Many people fold when things get tough or you’re forced out of your comfort zone. This could be meeting a deadline at work or school, or losing track of your goals at the gym because those last few pounds aren’t coming off the body, or on the bar. Sometimes it’s through fear of actually having to do a task. 


Mental health issues are so abundant in today's world and rightly so. We need to speak out if in need, there shouldn’t be a stigma attached to needing help. It isn’t a sign of weakness, if you need help, go and get it. I know it’s easier said than done but I do believe the tide is turning.

Some of the issues we face today could be seen as trivial from past generations. We have warm homes at a flick of a button, we have clean running water, we don’t have to pick or hunt our food, or run away from predators. Life is pretty cushy for most people who are reading this. Here in lies the problem. We have become weak minded, we never face real danger, we rarely have to solve problems like where is our next meal coming from, will there be enough food for us to survive the winter. Some of the worst problems we face are running out of battery life on our phones, or heaven forbid making a fashion faux pas. So when we face adversity we have no idea how to handle it. The fight or flight mechanism is triggered and guess what, flight is the commonly chosen path.

So how can we change this? I believe that mental toughness can be trained. It isn’t as easy as training someone how to squat because it’s going to take a certain amount of hardship from those looking to improve their mental fortitude. 

I believe through making choices, which you wouldn’t normally, you can make a difference. For instance, you’re geared up for a run, it starts to rain, you go anyway. You’ve had a hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym, instead of putting your feet up, you go anyway, because deep down you know as soon as you finish you will be feeling better, that's a fact. A takeaway sounds great tonight (it’s a Tuesday) you cook your own bloody tea! It’s getting cold lets put the heating on (it’s August) put a jumper on! Challenge yourself, sign up to a competition, take yourself out of your comfort zone, Regularly.

You need to focus on the task, you need to be driven to complete the task and you need to have a belief in yourself that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Only you will stop you. 

Focus: Try not to get distracted by other things. Admittedly, this is my biggest weakness and one I need to work on. Drown out the noise of other things until you have achieved your goal. Be relentless and see it through, it may be a six week program or just to cut out biscuits for a month. But SEE. IT. THROUGH. 

Driven: I’ve written a post in the past on the difference between being driven and being motivated, you can read that here. This means doing the things you need to do, when you least want to do them. 

Belief: Self-doubt creeps in all the time, it’s common and it doesn’t happen to just you. Give yourself a pep talk or a kick up the arse whatever you need but just believe you can do it. What is stopping you? Most likely it’s your self-doubt or anxiety creeping in. Push it to one side for once. Let you win for a change and not your demons.

At the end of the day, your biggest critic will be you, your most common stumbling block will be making that first step and focusing on achieving something and your most likely downfall will be your lack of drive to see things through. 

So try taking yourself out of your comfort zone, set yourself a challenge and see it through. If you would like any help with goal setting please feel free to contact us.